about us the company

Cascade wellness essentials are the product of honest research and work of natural and holistic minded practitioners to offer the consumer only the highest quality of whole food natural vitamins and supplements without any artificial contaminants.

We have combined highly effective ingredients in each of our products to better assist each individual in reaching their optimum health goals.

All our products are Gluten free, Soy free, Dairy free, and Non GMO

Why We Use standardized european herbal extracts

• In Europe, Plants Are Regulated as “Herbal Drugs”

• Herbal Drugs Are Backed by Clinical Studies

• Safety and Efficacy Must Be Proven

​• European Quality Control Requirements Are Much

​  Higher Than Those Outside of Europe.

5 Reasons our brand has few rivals

1. The World's Leading Ingredients

2. Clinically Proven Herbals

3. Scientifically-Based Formulations

4. Careful Manufacturing

​5. Independent Laboratory Testing

About Our Products

50+ Trademarked Ingredients

Great relationships with more than 50 patented and trademarked ingredients used throughout the line ensure maximum product differentiation and proven efficacy.